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Alien Shades

Credit Cost: 5
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Filesize: 466.12kB  Views: (2541)  Downloads (7)  Last Download: September 30, 2022, 12:07:03 PM 
Description: Version 2.1.3
Compatible with: SMF 2.1.3

Description: A dark, black and green Alien-like theme.

Credits and shout outs to:

Thanks! 8)

Custom Top Menu:
If you want the Custom Top Menu that works with this theme, get it here.

Theme Demo


1. Version 2.1.3 : 11/27/2022
Updated Theme for SMF 2.1.3

Version 2.1.2c : 09/26/2022
1. Fixed background links.

Version 2.1.2b : 05/16/2022
1. Fixed background image links

Version 2.1.2a : 05/13/2022
1. Added a folder (scripts) that was left out and causing errors

Version 2.1.2 : 05/12/2022
1. Updated for 2.1.2

Version 2.2 : 04/19/2022
1. Fixed code box/select issues in posts

04/09/2022 No Version Change (Current Version:
1. Updated css for correct background link

03/20/2022 Version 2.1
This version does not have the admin sidebar.

1. Removed admin sidebar for responsive issues.

03/17/2022 Version 1.2b
1. Fixed a minor background image issue

03/09/2022 Version 1.2b
1. Fixed quickbuttons padding issue

03/06/2022 Version 1.2
1. Fixed colors for .windowbg.locked, .windowbg.sticky, .windowbg.sticky.locked

02/26/2022 Version 1.1
1. Fixed some css issues with cat_bar in index.css
2. Fixed some color issues in admin.css

1.0 : First Release for SMF 2.1.1

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Keywords: black 
Posted by: Shades November 27, 2022, 09:52:29 AM
Current Version: 2.1.3
Compatible With: SMF 2.1.3

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